Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Complete Man

I had a great day yesterday.

The started as usual dull saturday but in the evening, everything changed. I got a call from a person - that person turned out to be my college friend. He had returned from Australia after 5 years. Kishor is a big man, and now he is even more bigger.

Well, the same things happened when guys meet and sit in a restaurant. I met Prateek and Ritesh there - both Australia returned and planning to settle down here. As the bottle began to empty, our past life and our future started to come around us. We talked about many things and enjoyed them all. It is fun spending time with friends.

I can be proud of myself. They say, a person is defined by the watch he wears, that is true. I say, a man is defined by the company he keeps. Almost all of my KU friends have become something now and that is so good.

Some have gone in government job, some are engineers, some are doctors, me a business man, an entrepreneur. Almost all have found a path of his/her own in life. They seem content. And that is good - for them as well as for me. Even if we meet rarely, there are lots of things to share. We enjoy at the fullest extent.

I can define my circle as circle of young hot bloods who have fire within themselves, love their country and are self aware that they have to do something. We all have similar ideas. When I am with them, I think I am complete. My life started from KU. The friends I made there are my life.

When I am with them, I am complete. Whenever or wherever we meet, we will complement each other, we will complete each other.

Yes, I am a complete man now. I am grown up, I work, I think, I do and of course I drink as well :->, all things a man does.


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