Thursday, October 27, 2005

Firefox Vs Internet Explorer

What to say? At first, there was war between Windows and Linux - both attacking each other. And now its between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Every now and then, we find such funny stuffs linked to this war.

While surfing, I did find something funny. Here is the picture. First, Internet Explorer completely slaughtered Netscape and now Firefox, the revamped Netscape/Mozilla browser is on a stampede to uproot Internet Explorer.

Personally speaking, I prefer Firefox over IE. Firefox has many facilities over IE but still comes with bugs. One of those I found is while executing some scripts, it shows CGI error. But the same script works wonders in IE!

I also heard the issues of Unicode support added in Firefox. One of my friends said the Unicode support in latest version of Firefox is not good.

The quote said in the picture above, reminded me of a certain dialogue from the movie the peter pan movies - "Hook" and "Peter Pan". In the movie it is said that if we say "I don't believe in fairies", a fairy dies. So to save fairies, we must say "I believe in fairies." So I thought this was similar.

Have fun with this.

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