Sunday, October 23, 2005

Email Turns 34 years

So long have we been using email service. But many of us do not know the history of email. While surfing the net, I found some interesting articles. The article was written by Ray Tomlinson, the creator of emailing system. Back in 1971, he created, tested and implemented the first basic emailing system. I read through his article. I hope you guys will also like it.

The link to Ray's article is here

The BBC news has also posted its gratitude to email service. You can see it here.

I initially got these articles from google blog. The first engineer of gmail had written his views about gmail where he also posted link for first email system.

There is another place where you can see the first computers where the email system was tested. You can visit this one

We must be thankful for Ray because his innovation has been so much powerful and so much used. In this age, email has become quite important. It is synonymous to our own name now. With the creation of email, he changed the whole world. Hats off to such a persona.

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