Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Back in Action

Well, after a week long suffering from bronchitis, I am back in office. I cannot take full charge as before right now because I am not fully recovered. I have a dust mask wrapped around my neck all the time. I can just pull it up to my nose whenever I have to go out.

I previously thought I was suffering for Jaundice because I drank quite a lot of beer when I was running high with fever. However, my suspicion didn't prove right, and I was happy, as I could drink again. The doctor who I visited, conffirmed bronchitis on my first visit. Then I started taking medications, the second lot of medicine really made me drowsy and weak. All my body would go loose. But I didn't fall asleep.

I stayed home for only 2 days for rest, which was not actually a rest but "Watch TV" and help family kind of leave. But now I feel fine and can perform at the same level as I used to before my sickness.

Spent a lot of money during that time and am now running dry right now.