Tuesday, July 12, 2005


This guy really loved his girlfriend alot and as a token of his affection, he tattooed his erm.. member (penis) with his girlfriends name on it. When fully aroused it read 'Wendy.' When he wasnt it read 'Wdy.' of course.

So anywhose, they go on a brilliant sun kissed holiday to Jamrika (Jamaica) and they were having the best time on the beach. It was normal for nudes to walk round and no one blinked an eye. They managed to get nude and lie down under an umbrella. Wendy told her man, " to be a darling" and fetch her drink from the beach bar..he felt kinda embarrassed about his apparant nudity he told her but u know women, she said, "dont worry sweety, its more or less a nude beach, you're not the only one!"

So he reluctantly agreed and walked off naked as a baby towards beach bar. As he approached he saw a Rastafarian dude, to the guys relief this rasta man was indeed nude as he was, so immediately felt much better. He then realised this rasta man also had "Wdy' on his penis! He said,
"Wooow, what a amazing coincidence, so your wife's name is also Wendy!"
"Naaahhh man!," says the Rasta,
"So why u got 'Wdy' then, what does it stand for?"
The Rasta then smirks slyly and replies, " It stands for, 'Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day!"

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