Sunday, July 24, 2005


Remembering the golden old days that I spent in EasyPage, I feel happy and gay. I have made friends, some foes as well. But the overall aura of the employment period of EasyPage was just great. When we friends meet, we still remember those days, and our mischievious deeds there. I was in the top list to exploit the office resources. I talked on phone for hours, used the internet, drank and fought. I did everything there.

Friday night, those moments came alive again. Some friends from Pokhara had come here for their personal business. We then met at Bishalbazar just to sit and talk. But I was thinking about a grand party. Sadly some of my friends had quitting drinking and smoking. Good for them. Well they must have learnt their lesson quite a lot. We just roamed around, went to a hotel at Sundhara to meet some other friends. While being there, it became clearer that we weren't enjoying that night at all. I was kind of feeling bad about it. The Pokhara guys planned to stay back in the hotel. Finding it was of no use staying there, I asked the guys to move out. I wanted to have some fun, any kind of fun then. I was kind of desparate. I had a long day.

Then we went to New Road and did some shopping, we were all still together. Then Rahul asked should we enjoy some beer. I said, "hell Yes!. Lets go for it." So then the vibe came back again and the party started in the small restaurant in Bangemuda.

Well, there everybody vomitted out their old hidden desires of EasyPage. I think I was the cleanliest one. I am the clean one. I transformed the whole environment of EasyPage after I joined it. I am the man.

I had a problem with one of the friends from Pokhara. I knew he had something hidden from me. I wanted to take it out. That was the only opportunity and I didn't let it go. I hit the bullseye. I enjoyed it most. Well, everybody knows what happened when I left the office.

It doesn't matter much now since I was right and they were wrong. Later in the evening, I smoked a cigarette, after about 6 months, remembered our old deeds and enjoyed. I was back home at around 10. All in all, it was a good worthful day.

I met my friends, I met my girl, I drank, I smoked and I enjoyed. That was fun.

Saturday also, it was quite a day. I met the EasyPage friends once again and bade them farewell as they were on their way to Pokhara. I did enjoy it though.

Remembering all those days back of EasyPage, I remember just one thing. "Be careful from your enemies, but always stay aware of your friends because you know what your foes are going to do to you, you don't know when your friend is going to stab you on the back."

Yeah, I was kind of stabbed by my friend on my back.

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