Wednesday, July 27, 2005


There comes a moment in everybody's life, when s/he is out of words. Yesterday, I had such an experience. Such moments come and go, but yesterday's moment had a lasting impact on me.

One of my close friends, is going to England soon. She says her family doesn't understand her at all and don't give priority to her needs and feelings. Well, we have been together for the last 4 years, I think and we are pretty close now. We talk a great deal. We talk about everything.

I found out she has a boyfriend now and wants to get married with the same guy. She knows its not possible if she tries to get her family's consent because they are not going to agree. We talked briefly about this yesterday as it was a surprise for me. Suprisingly, the couple talked about everything except about themselves. And that was pretty amazing. So far, I have found out, if two people have relationship, then there is lots of sharing, discussing about feelings of each other and talking about their likes and dislikes. This didn't apply to them.

So I said there wasn't a relationship at all, they were just two strangers meeting and talking about something funny.

The thing that jolted, was, I also know, her family doesn't give damn to her feelings. She needs love, she needs to be loved, hence she keeps looking for that. Since she is not getting it from her family, she is looking outside the family. She is looking for love. I worry about her.

When I left Pokhara, she was not like that. She was a strong girl with a strong determination. Yesterday, I found her strength had vanished. She had become weaker. That is a bad thing.

We are best friends. I want to help her. When she said that, I was out of words. And that is what I told her. I don't have any word to say to her. She knows will always be there to help her. As I am master of words, I later expressed myself.

I am just a kid starting to crawl now. I have great lot of things to do and see. Till now also, I have learnt a lot. I told her, I will give her any amount of emotional support I can. That is what I am best at. I will not let her down. I will do anything that is within my prowess to help her.

Dear friend, as you also are my mentor, I will do anything I can to bring your confidence and strength back. Just count on me.

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