Friday, July 08, 2005


Do you believe laughing can actually reduce stress and probability of heart disease? Well, it has been quite a time people have acquainted themselves with laughter therapy. In this therapy, people just laugh and laugh. They say, laughing circulates blood in brains more and also heart pumps more blood. All in all, it activates your body. Thats what they say.

I say, when you are damn tired and stressed, you should try laughing, crack some jokes with your friends and colleagues, laugh and then work. Doing this also makes the environment of the workplace cool, homely and easygoing. Thats what I do mostly. When I am tired and have lots of work pressure, I find sometime for myself to crack jokes and laugh. I even search for jokes and funny pictures in the net.

Laughing releases some pressure from me. After having a hearty laugh, I feel fresh. So there is energy to work more.

Pranks is counter part of cracking jokes. In pranks, there is always a victim but in jokes, there isn't any. The only thing is pure fun and laughter. I don't like playing pranks but like cracking jokes a lot. That is fun.

So fellas, try my therapy to release your stress. Enjoy life.


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