Friday, September 23, 2005


Life back on track now.

I had quite an ordeal this week. We had to hospitalize my dad again. Sunday night was quite painful for my family. He just went numb. We immediately took him to the nearest hospital (the same one in which we admitted him last time). Luckily, we got all the attention of the doctors on duty. Slowly, he became normal and fell asleep early morning on Monday.

Monday was another painful day as he didn't have any sense at all. We had given him two sleeping tablets. The medicine was quite a powerful one. My mom was very much scared. I was not worrying but damn tired of running up and down three flights of stairs all day long. The doc advised us to shift him to admit him in ICU the very same day. He also referred us the hospital and the doc to meet on duty.

In that hospital again, we had some difficult moments but finally everything fell in place for us. He was immediately shifted to ICU without any paper pushing. Lucky for us.

The docs and the nurses in ICU were great. They took care of him and slowly he started gaining consciousness and became normal. They regularly monitored his every activity. We just had to run around taking blood and urine for tests, buy medicines and so on.

The next day also, he remained in ICU with full monitoring of the nurses and doctors. We just hung around the place talking to people whose patients were also admitted there. There, I saw some bitter reality about my country and life. It was like gaining enlightenment of some kind. One of the patient was brought from very remote area of Nepal. They were poor and on filthy clothes - but their heart was very big: bigger than mine.

The patient was suffering for Incephalitis. She was unconsious all the time. The parents had collected money from their villagers to bring her to the hospital. They were having difficult time at the hospital. The nurses told them to buy medicine - they went to buy but got lost on the way, sometimes bought the wrong medicine or so. I was feeling very much sorry for them. I was tired and was taking a nap. The nurse was just shouting at the dad of the patient to go and change the medicine - which he had bought from Maharajgunj hospital - which is quite far away. I felt like taking him there to change the medicine on my bike but fell asleep again. (Am such a bad guy)

Luckily, his relatives came to his rescue but with much difficulty. In the evening, I spent much time talking to them and also helped them navigate around the hospital. I also gave my some suggestions. I hope that was of some help to them. Anyway, I think, even few words of consolation in difficult times are helpful. I tried to help them as much as I could. In the dirty pool of Kathmandu, there were few people who were still unpolluted and so naive - full of simplicity. In front of them - I was a bloody hound. I still have some good part left in me.

My dad slowly recovered and then he was shifted to the ward. I had to do some running around for that as well. In the ward, I used my good eloquence skill to smoothen the nurses and get extra attention for my dad. I hope that helped.

Today, he is back at home enjoying life again. He has to forget that ordeal (I think he barely remembers it). It was a hard time for me this week but to sum up, I enjoyed it alot. It took out a lot of things from me. I have definitely changed. Everybody was surprised how I handled all the situation. I have definitely become a man now. I AM the man of the house now. I just felt like that yesterday.

Other things, we got enough support and help from our relatives (leaving some, I don't want to use foul words for them here. I am damn angry with them.). Since this episode over, I am thinking of throwing a thanksgiving party to all the relatives who helped (and didn't help) us during the time of difficulties. I have already spoken out my idea to dad and mom. Its their wish to accept or not. I don't care. But when time comes, I will definitely do my best for them, wherever I am, whatever the situation it maybe, whenever the time it may be.

I am happy now everything is over. We will have to make sure dad's sugar level in blood is in control. He doesn't have to take loads of medicines now. I think everything will fall into place for him and for us.

With every passing day, I am becoming something else. Everybody is feeling the change going within me. Change is good- it is very much for me.

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