Friday, September 16, 2005


Yesterday, my brother left for England for his further studies. I don't know whether he'll just study there or do something else, but its a good thing someone from the family is abroad to study.

Afterall, that is what my dad and mom wanted from me and my brother. Well, there has been lots of things going around this week. And from today, everything is settling to normal and the heat from all the activity is cooling off.

The major event of the week, is, my brother flying to UK. This is good news to us. There were some tensions and frictions going around on this subject. As he is gone now, everything has flown with him, I guess. In the evening, I spent sometime with my sister in law, as I found it was necessary. She was the only one who was crying. I was smiling and happy that my brother is going abroad. I had to solace her, and say some words of confidence and support. I showed her my other side then. I helped her understand our family more. I guess that helped her. As she is the part of our family now, it is my duty to take care of her as well. Out from nowhere she came and now, she is much dearer to my brother than us.

My dad fell sick. This is another major event - and a very hard blow to us. We know he is diabetic, but didn't know he had blood pressure also. His bp shot high up the mountain this week and was fluctuating all the time. We had to hospitalize him for two days. I was with him most of the time. It was very hard for him.

There are two reasons for his high bp, as I think. One: he worries too much about my brother and about his marriage. Second: he remembers too much my younger sister, who is in deheradun, india, now.

My dad worries too much. There is no way to make him stop worry about things. I have found his thinking jump the quantum levels. That bothers me alot. I am pretty cool thinker, but my dad and brother are somewhat same. They think way too much in the negative side.

Well, there are some gruffs regarding our relatives in the family which I think should be sorted out. Everybody has to go his own way. And thats what our relatives have done. So why not us? I don't want to care about them at all! If I have to do something for them, I won't do without a pay cuz I am a professional now and I have got mouths to feed.

Seems like I am the man of the house now. Got lots of responsibilities on my shoulders now. Am trying to strengthen them. (using Yoko Height ;)).

Life is a fight that you fight till the death bed. And I am ready to do that. I am a born winner and I have won every battle I have fought. So these tiny miny rivals don't mean anything to me. Now I have grown into a big rude and cruel devil who eats up everything that comes his way. I have become so to save myself from everything around. I have made a wall millions of feet high around myself to stop invaders coming inside my world.

From now on, I have to become more protective and more alert. I will kill them all.

In the end, I will stand up as the winner, all alone in the amass of dead bodies.

So, to sum up, this week has made me something else. I am no more the same sushil now.

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