Tuesday, June 28, 2005


There was a case going on in the Royal Commission for Corruption Control regarding the irregularities carried out with the "Prime Minister Relief Fund." The ex-pm Sher Bahadur Deuba et al were charged of mishandling the funds during Dashain last year. The verdict hearing took quite a long time to reach to a decision. Few days back, I read in newspapers that if the Ex-PM and his colleagues are to be charged with mishandling of the fund, then the Vice-Presidents of the current council of Ministers should also be charged of same case as they have taken hefty lump of money from the same fund.

Yesterday was quite a funny day for the people of Nepal and more to the RCCC and the beaurocrats. The Ex-Pm and et al were given clean chit on the case.

This is very very funny from the way I look at it. By giving clean chit, the RCCC has shown its incapability on questioning the current Council of Ministers hence they are nothing more than enuche from my point of view.

Moreover, the first Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers is blacklisted by the Nepal Bank for not paying the loan, which is now more than million.

I happen to see jokes everywhere everyday. And I also make jokes sometimes over things. For me, this has been the biggest joke ever. A joke over the ruling system of Nepal, the government, the incapabilities of the commissions created to check corruption, and above all, making joke of all the Nepali citizens.

I now think it is time to hit the streets and ask for complete revolution - from the palace to the peons down on the lane.

I know, and everybody knows, that is a must for Nepal.

While other countries are progressing, Nepal is going back - degressing lets say so. I don't see hope now.

Maybe if I want to survive or live, then I should take the other path - follow the "Palayan wadi Niti."

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