Tuesday, August 21, 2007

People's movement??? What people's movement????

Now now now, the Maoist supremo has announced a new schedule for people's movement against the current government of which the maoist is also a part. This, to me, is a joke actually. If Prachanda is talking about people who they have tortured, extorted and affected in any negative way, then it sure is a people's movement - a movement to completely wipe out Maoist/Prachandist from Nepal. Actually, I have supreme regards for the great leader Mao, but not for the Maoists of Nepal. They are a bunch of simple people disillusioned by some top notches who have misinterpreted the philosophy of Mao.

The maoist city contact office is just few houses away from my home. What I see there everyday is quite a shocking news. The leaders of Maoists come and go chauffeured in air conditioned SUVs like Bolera, Pajero, Landcruiser etc whilst the commoners of the party are still walking on the pavement. They still do their "morning routines" i.e. shouting their war cries and waking the neighbours in wee hours of the morning. They still have a difficult time meeting their daily requirements. The maoist leaders, on the other hand, have 50 guards for their security, live in an ultra apartment, drive in air conditioned SUVs and still they get to pose their authority on the commoners.

There was a news few days back about the lifestyles of the Maoist leaders nowadays in the valley. They are cleanshaven, wear pressed and new clothes and have all the modern luxury items at their disposal. Surprisingly, they are taking "gifts" from businessmen and people who were accused of wrong doings by the court.

Well, if I see all this, I think of one question - where has all those ideals and philosophy gone in the maoist leaders which they preached did during their decade long war?

And there is YCL (Young Communist League), a subsidiary wing of Maoist. This term has become quite a common name in the media nowadays. Everyday, in the news, there at least one news about YCL. The news about them get hardly positive at all. They are extorting businessmen, kidnapping, asking for ransom, holding off the daily tasks in the government offices in the districts and so on. Moreover, they think as they are above law and order and enforce some kind of terror in the people. It is happened that if I join YCL, then I can escape any imprisonment even if I committed a murder.

As I think, all is pointing to the early demise of Maoist. If there will be any people's movement next, then it will be to wipe out the Maoist from the face of Nepal. There is a saying : enough is enough. Maoists are getting extremes nowadays making demands of all sorts both in the government and outside on the streets.

It is high time that all the people come together and launch a "people's movement" as suggested by the Maoist Supreme, but this time it should be against them.

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