Friday, August 10, 2007

Maoists attack police post in Nuwakot; MPs denounce attack

A tiger never stops to eat flesh. This holds true for the maoists. They are used to blasting off infrastructures and looting.

Maoists attack police post in Nuwakot; MPs denounce attack

A group of around 30 Maoist cadres attacked a police post at Fikuri of Nuwakot district Thursday afternoon and got away with two rifles and a pistol.

The Maoists beat up three policemen who were at the post when their colleagues went out, reports say.

They also looted 114 bullets from the police post.

The district police office has deployed a police team to Fikuri for investigation. Other details were not immediately available.

Meanwhile, lawmakers have denounced the Maoist attack in the police post.

Speaking at the parliament this evening, MP Prakash Saran Mahat said the Maoists were trying to disrupt constituent assembly polls by engaging in violent activities. He asked the government to investigate the incident and punish those involved in it.

MP Rajendra Lohani said the attack on police post in Nuwakot indicated that the Maoists had not fully renounced violence.

Maoist lawmaker Hit Bahadur Tamang said his party would launch investigation into the incident before anything officially. mk/ ia Aug 09 07

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