Sunday, August 05, 2007

Maoist dissidents accuse leadership of abandoning revolution

Problem with leadership??? Or too much exposure in media??? Politiocos/so called revolutionists turning into Paris Hilton type celebrities????


Maoist dissidents accuse leadership of abandoning revolution

A group of Maoist dissidents have started coalescing accusing the leadership of abandoning the revolution.

“If the current attitude persists, this will mean abortion of revolution,” claimed Laxman Tharu aka Roshan, who is said to be the coordinator of CPN-Maoists - United Rebels Front. He had earlier defected from the Maoist party where he used to head the Tharu wing.

Claiming that his group will continue the revolution, Tharu boasted in his talks with Kantipur TV that he has army strength of three battalion at his immediate disposal. Saying there are 4000 workers with him, Tharu added that PLA fighters in cantonments are also in his contact.

“Most of the deserters have come into our contact,” he further claimed.

The front has given a month long ultimatum to the Maoists to walk out of the government. It has demanded destruction of India-constructed dams, which have caused flooding on the Nepali side. It has also demanded action based on Rayamajhi commission report and has threatened to take “people’s action” if the government does not pay heed to their demands. sd Aug 04 07

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