Sunday, February 26, 2006

A person from far and near

Below is a set of pictures to be seen from far and near. All the text written are in Nepali. What it says is as follows:
Character and face of a person

It cannot be said that what a person appears from near is exactly the same when you see him from far. Like elephant has two sets of teeth, one to show off and another to eat, the character of a person is also the same, a person behaves totally differently when is near and far. People have habit of backbiting. They do it when they are far off from you and praise you when they are in front of you.

The following pictures are just optical illusion. When you see the left picture from near, it seems quite angry but when you see it from about 10 ft far off, its the smiling face, whereas the picture in the right is exactly opposite.

With a person's character, what you see might not be the same.

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