Sunday, December 11, 2005

Watched "The Goblet of Fire"

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me. Watching movie and partying, all happened in a single day. That was quite an experience.

I went to watch "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". The movie hall was quite full with kids (though the movie is not for kids, maybe because of the impression of its previous installments). This installment was quite funny and adventurous one. I liked it. The whole audience blasted out in some of the scenes. I enjoyed that.

I have read all the Harry Potter books published till date and am proud owner of some. Of course, the movie version is not exactly the same to what is in the book. The movie has to strip off some scences and details to make watchable and to fit the timeframe. I think the director of this installment did quite an impressive work on that part, though some more funnier parts and more adventurous parts were missing in the movie. All in all, it was a great movie.

The action scenes are quite impressive, especially the dragons part. There was some lacking in the maze part cuz that as I think, that is the most important one. The maze is more scarier and deadly in the book. I think there is a dementor and a centaur (I am not sure about it) and Harry and Cedric Deggory fight with them. That part was missing in the movie. Those were the scarier ones. Maybe the director left those willingly.

Another one was the very end of the movie. Lord Voldemort should be made more scarier (he is now but more). The actor, Ralph Fiennes, suits well as the Dark Lord. The voice, the figure and the body language matches exactly I had imagined. I think he was made to do this role. The fight sequence between Voldemort and Harry should have been made more longer (maybe the cinema hall cut out some scenes) cuz that is an important one - the part where both enemies meet face to face for the first time and the war starts again.

Jeevan dai, thank you for taking me to the movie. I liked it alot and enjoyed my day.

I got some break after the movie and in the evening, I had to attend two parties (but made to one only). I had a couple of drinks there (enough to warm my body in that cold chilly night). Got some hearty laughs and little food.

People get really drunk when they get free drinks served (especially in parties). Well, to other people, that bothers much. I saw 2 guys completely drunk yesterday. Even I also didn't like it at all. Sometimes, it also happens to me but I control now.

People should hold their dignity anywhere they go. Even a small act could produce diasastrous results. I have learned my lesson on this. So I try not to loose my nerves or my control, especially when going to parties. I drink but not that much. Just enough to be tipsy and enjoy the moment.

Its difficult to earn respect and to loose that respect, it doesn't take more than a moment. So, composure is very much important. I hope everybody understands that. Free drinks are not always good. I had a headache in the morning today (I think the drink served yesterday was not good at all).

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