Thursday, December 22, 2005

NepaLinux Launched

In the afternoon today, I attended the launching ceromony of NepaLinux. At first thought, I expected it to be a very dull programme with politicians/ministers who will talk bullshit about everything. But upon attending the programme, I was amazed and my expectations did a complete 180 degree turn. I found it very interesting and great.

NepaLinux is an operating system which has everything in Nepali now. Based on Linux, with the support of PAN and Canadian govt., the op sys was made by MPP. I had known about its development. I wanted to be a part of it but didn't get a chance. But I am happy I was invited (thanks to my brother's friends who I am close to, they didn't leave me behind).

In the seminar, people involved in different sectors had visited. Any people who is not from IT field wouldn't enjoy it at all, also a person to enjoy such a place must be a geek in true sense. I liked the presenters. They were all great minds at work. I feel great today cuz I got a chance to listen to the presentations of such great guys.

A professor from Lahore who is chief of an organization which works in localization of IT in the asian region, another professor from UK who also works on localization. It was great. There was another presenter, Internalization Activity Lead from W3C. His presentation was quite technical. People sitting around me were feeling bored and I got angry with them as I was enjoying it alot. The things he pointed out are very much true in our industry. I talked to him not even for 30 seconds but it felt great. I don't have any words to say such great guys. I am just a small time programmer, trying to make my own way. It is great to be with such people. I think I will learn great things from him if I get chance to spend some more time with him.

I don't have anything but praise and respect for such great guys. There are lots of things we can learn from them. They are the pioneers and we are the followers. I am very very very happy today.

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