Sunday, December 18, 2005

I like riding

An open road, no traffic at all, cool breeze hitting your face, warm sunny day with clear sky - what else do you want more? Yes, a bike and on that bike, you (in this case, me). Riding (actually gliding) along the road (and on the earth), feeling the breeze in your face, its so much soothing and enjoyable as well.

Thats what I want to do now. Besides, its very much difficult to find an open road around here, otherwise, I would be riding in lightening speed on my little bike. (Even now, I ride it in quite a high speed for it). I now like riding and want to go for a long ride (the way to DakshinKali is quite an ideal place, way to Banepa would also be good but it is prone to accidents).

While on bike (and when I am alone), I feel like a river flowing. Sometimes, flowing smoothly dow the path, and sometimes with bumps (the traffic, road blocks and ditches in the streets of Kathmandu), its all enjoyable. I hope all the bike riders feel the same way. When I find the road quite vacant, I don't let go the chance to reach highest speed I have reached so far in this bike.

While manoevering the bike along the busy traffic, cutting the twists and turns, I feel like a river flowing down the path hitting and bouncing back, making way for itself. I feel like just going with the flow. There is nothing much to stop me (except the red lights at the major junctions). It makes me feel free, I feel like a winged rider, except, I ride, don't fly (I hope I will get that experience as well).

I get more ecstasic when I am a bit tipsy. When the cool air hits my face, I feel fresh and lively again. I sing all the way back, and I love all those twists and turns which I hate when I am not tipsy. People, if they know what is going in my mind and see me riding, they will certainly think I am going mad or will have an accident. That never happens. I have full control of my bike.

While returning back home from office, a long tiring day I almost have, I get recharged and refreshed again when riding back (but I don't like the hustle and bustle of Ason). On the road, its like sailing on the smooth sea, nothing ahead, with couple of people crossing the road who let me twist my bike on sideways, which I even like, and makes me feel I AM a river flowing. I love it. By the time I get home, I am fresh again. The cool air hitting my face recharges me again. And I am ready for more.

I say, riding is a divine thing to do, whatever the time maybe, how chilly the air may be, the rush of air on my faces takes all the pain away.

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