Saturday, December 23, 2006


In Bhagvat Geeta, Lord Krishna told Arjun to do his karma.

Karma – an act one should do to make his life run, an act that one is destined to do

That’s what the dictionary might say about this word “Karma”.

Well I put it differently. Ones Karma is what other people want from him, not his own desires and wishes. That’s what it is. And am damn sure about it. I can give you a hundred reasons for this.

I read one story by D.H. Lawrence when I was in college. I think it’s his real life account. In that story, he kills an elephant. I didn’t kill the elephant because he wanted to, but because there were thousand of eager faces imposing a silent pressure on that white faced guy. The writer didn’t want to kill that thing but had to because of the immense pressure he was getting. So that’s his Karma. It was not what he wanted to do, but he had to do to satisfy somebody else.

So what is my Karma?

I run a business, I do computer programming. Are they my Karma? According to Krishna, they ought to be my Karma. Running a business, selling things to people, providing some service to visitors, writing some lines of codes, making some things work, solving some puzzling questions – these are all the things I do everyday. Getting a business deal, solving problems and making things work is in my blood. They all come naturally to me. I love enjoying doing those things (or should I say, I used to enjoy).

Things have changed now. I have changed now. I don’t do things because I want them to do, but because people want me to do things for them. They want me to earn for them, cook food to feed them instead for myself. So they determine my karma.

A guy comes, says he wants a certain kind of software. I make it as he wishes. He runs it. I deserve some thing back from him. He doesn’t give anything to me.

I help someone establish his feet on this hurly burly city. I give him ideas to work. Later he points a finger on me.

So what should I do? Should I just keep doing things for them? Should I always be a stepping stone?

Definitely I am not a stone at all. I am a living human being with all the emotions a person ought to have. I have got feelings of pain, I feel hurt, I feel sorrow, I feel joy.

To tell you the truth, I deserve more of this world than those people. Because I do things, I am entitled to every inch of this world.

Now on I am going to define my karma myself. I will not work of those people at all. They will not receive any favours from me. They will have to pay for every second I spend on them. I won’t waste my words on anyone.

I no longer carry anyone on my back. I will define myself. The hell with others.

That will be my Karma. I am Neo-Arjun. I do things for myself. I won’t bent to any kind of pressure from others. Good or bad, I will stick to my decision all the time.

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