Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Should the King leave the country???

I read an article in the site about king Gyanendra and his consultation with the American Ambassador, James F. Moriarty. Initially, I thought it was just a bluff from some unknown news site to get instant popularity. But actually, it wasn't.

I checked today's paper and saw a news clip The foreign ministry calling the US Ambassador for clarification for the statement he gave to the CNN news reporter. And now I was shocked.

I am a nationalist and I have to think of my country first. It is more of a bad news to me (to our whole country) than a good news at all. First of all, I don't like anybody peeking into my house at all. Secondly, as I think, right now, because of the on going crisis, the King is the only person who can change the political scenario - be it either way, towards democracy or towards ultimate autocracy.

I think, the fate of the country and 25 millions nepali are in the hands of this one single person called King Gyanendra. He took benefit of the quarrels of the political parties (there is a saying in nepali that monkeys neither make their own house nor let others to build theirs). Something like that happened to nepali politicos as well. They were always quarrelling. Even in the parliament also, they were actually fighting with each other, it was fist fight and many MPs got injured. Such things have all gone deep down in history. The politicos fought with each other (and many times the fight was intra party, not inter party, remember girija pulling legs of sher bahadur deuba and k.p. bhattarai), and hence the state of the political scenario deteriorated. Moreover, the maoist insurgents took peak. It has also gone down in the history, girija is solely responsible for the existance of maoists in Nepal.

So who is to blame? The king or the politicos?

When the king took over the executive power in Feb 19 2005, that was definitely a dark day in the history of Nepal. I praise this guy for only one reason, when there were odds, he stood in front and took the executive powers. He showed the courage and took responsibility to change the situation of the country. Have any of the politicos done that? Moreover, they always put the blame on someone else's head so that they get a clean chit. What kind of philosophy is this? Are they actually men who have history of so many years of evolution?

As I think, the sovereignity and the identity of the country can only be saved if the king and by himself only. Of course, he has to think progressively and take steps towards that (interim government with inclusion of all politicos (those bullshits) and the maoist leaders is the only way out) way. He has to give up his executive powers. The current movement happening in the whole nation is for a good cause. I agree with that. But I hate to say that the leaders of the this movement should be persecuted for the corruption they have done.

If the king runs off, the country will be a huge mess. A mess bigger than Iraq or Afganistan. Definitely we don't want to head of that way. We can see how Iraq is now after US invasion. US has totally devastated the state. And we, conscious Nepalis do not want to be that way, do we?

As I think, India is the biggest enemy of ours. India is forcefully playing the role of big brother in the whole South East Asia. All the countries adjoined to India are actually suffering.

We cannot expect to wage and win a war with India as it is one of the neuclear powers of the world (just see this, US supports nuclear weaponry techno for India whereas it is against for that of Iran, what kind of country is US?).

For the betterment of the country, we Nepalis need to look inside us and judge what is best for us and what is not. We shouldn't go on someone else' word and hit the street. We need to find out what is good and what is bad. We need self realization first.

The solution of the current problem is within us. No other country can help us. We all have to do massive brainstorm and find best possible way out and implement it immediately. We cannot rely on anyone. We have to stand for ourselves. The politicos need this lesson most. We cannot and should not run from anybody else's guidance. Our betterment must be our sole goal, whether it be autocracy or democracy or republic.

Right now I think we need the king to maintain the country. Later, we can throw him if we want to. But the task at hand right now is, save the country, otherwise, India will take over.

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