Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4 Days bandh and 4 days curfew

A week fully wasted.

From last Thursday, this country is going downhill. The situation is worsened significantly. Demonstrators and the government both have become very violent in this period, thrashing whoever they find, destroying public and private properties.

This is not a good sign for a developing or rather under developed country. The political scenario of our country has catapulted downhill. So who will be the saviour? The king? The politicos? The maoists?

I don't see bright future of our country any of their hands. We need new leaders now. The leader should be young, dynamic, philosopher and above all a doer. No blank words will lift this country now. There must be someone who is daring to work and fight anything that comes in front of him.

So who will be this leader? S/He got to be a new face to the political scenario of Nepal. There is so much corruption in all the aspects of the country. That should be wiped out. The people are willing to work hand in hand, the problem is, leadership is hollow.

I am just an ordinary guy. Its people like me who will bring change to the society and country. We are the leaders and pioneers. But the youths need to be given a directive and a goal, and they will themselves be mobilized towards it. They will not be stopped by anything. I agree with the king on one thing: "There should be a common agenda: the betterment of the country".

Alas, those have just been words now. There should be common agenda, like chinese people had, like Japanese had, to improve ones country. Everyone should be alert and vigil of everything around him/her and perform his/her duty with full heart. Only then, I think corruption, poverty so on and so forth will be eliminated.

Everyone should be enlightened, aware of his/her duties and responsibilities. I don't think there is time to play now.

So who will be the saviour? The answer is within us. We have to lead ourselves. We have to be self aware. We have to work, not just talk. We have to make plans and implement them. In a team, the leader is the one who works most. So everybody is a leader, everybody is a team player. One must work with his/her full heart with only one thing in mind - "the betterment of the nation is the first priority."

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Anonymous said...

No comments! Seconded, the way you have presented on how the country should look ahead. Definitely peace, political stability and democracy is dire need of the country. I feel the king should step down or perhaps abdicate, one 'raja' has jeopardized whole 'rajsantha'. But, I not for 'rajsantha' as well.

Yes, there has always been a vacuum on the leadership of political figure. They are not clear, and they don't have concrete political agenda. But we can't expect miracle to fill this gap. The leader is among one of us, the only thing is this guy should prove his vision.

The crisis in Kathmandu and beyond isn't taking country downhill. Its uprise of democratic practice, we all should have a right to defy the uncontitutional move and practice.

A man cannot and should not be allow to decide fate of 25 million people.

'Tear Down the Wall'