Monday, January 09, 2006

Rebellion in the Air

Do you consider yourself a rebel? Do you feel like smashing everything around you once in a while? Do you feel like you have got something deep inside you which you want to do or say in utter wildness?

If, my friend, you show all these symptoms, then you are a rebel of somekind. You oppose to what there already exists, do not agree with the existing philosophy and want to do things in your way.

This world has seen many rebels, great and small, Mao, Che Gue Vara etc to name the few. There are some baddies rebels as well - Hitler (what a great persona) leads them all. They are all correct in their own right, I am not the one to judge their deeds as they have lived their time here on earth and left quite an impression to the following generations. Most of them are iconized (except Hitler but I am not sure) by younger generations, especially by teens to show the rebel inside them.

Every person is a rebel in his/her own sense. Everybody has something that doesn't pleases him/her. So if they oppose, then they are rebel. To oppose is good as long as it is not violent. Don't care about what others thing.

Recently, in my generation, I have seen quite a lot of suppression. Guys and girls are remaining confined in themselves and are always hunting for new ways to shout out their mind, to express their hidden feelings and to say, "Hey! I don't care about you. I don't agree with you. Come and fight if you can." These suppressed minds are the dormant volcanoes with lots of undercurrent inside them. They can burst anytime, be violent and quite damaging at times.

I am not here to record the pros and cons of being a rebel cuz I am one of those. I am also a rebel because I don't like things are around me. Once in a while, I feel like shouting out loud or kick someone hard or do something like that and go insane. We cannot always be suppressed like we are now! We need to fight back for our freedom; the freedom to think, the freedom to do things on our own ways and to live our life as we want. But most of the times, we just cannot find the right way to channel out our expectations, desires and feelings to the people around us. I find myself in search of words while trying to explain to others what I feel and how I feel and how certain things make me feel. Thats our problem.

I have also seen some people channeling out their anger and frustration in different ways. I praise them as they have found out ways to express themselves. I am still in the chaos. At least they have tried to sort out things.

They always keep looking for ways to express their emotions and inner desires from different media. Mind you, their work is always off the track and to normal perceivers (generally, people older than us), things always seem crazy. They don't find us sane. But to us, those are the most innovative, creative and adorable things that our compatriots have done.

Recently, while browsing thru' some sites, I found a very provocative photograph, completely out and about rebellious as I think. I hope to share it with you guys. The link is for those who want to check it.

This is the new statue of liberty, red, standing for revolution, and a nude woman, standing for the mother of all things, nurturing the revolution in the air with all her soul and body.

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