Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another Year gone

So another new year passed by me. This time around, it wasn't much fun at all. The last day of the last year was quite dull and boring for me. Sitting in home all day, listening to grundges of my mom and sister, I was feeling like going out, getting completely drunk and never look back. But things cannot be the way I think. If they were such, then it would be pretty nasty, everybody in their own world grumpling about everything, feeling sad all the time.

Well, finally in the evening, I got chance to get out of home and walk around the busy streets of Thamel (all alone, imagine this). I did enjoy it (have to say that anyway). Drank a couple of shots and then headed home.

Whenever I try to have some fun, it is always an issue back at home. They always keep holding me back. I want to grow out of every bondage I have, I want to become big and carefree and flying in 64bit colours, spreading my wings all over the world.

The last week of 2005 was quite a downtime for me. My dad had to undergo an operation, I was busy in that front.

Things never happen the way that makes me feel good and happy. I need something refreshing and cool.

Drinking isn't helping at all.

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