Monday, May 16, 2005

tired and ready for more jokes

I think the humour section of is pretty gud source of jokes. Eventhough some are old and told a lot of times, but nomatter they still manage to bring a smile, if not a laughter, in ones face.

When I am tired, I read the jokes I have collected, the pictures as well I have collected from the Internet. Most of them are quite clean but some are really really racy. But anyway, they are all pretty good laugh. Some will roll you down your chair. I can promise that. So here are some pieces which I just collected from

why was sardarji writing the exam near the door?
...........b'coz it was an entrace exam


how do u recognize a sardarji in ur college?
- he will be the only one to erase notebook after teacher erases his chalkboard.

how do u recognize a sardarji in submarine?
--- he will be the only one with parachut tied to his back!

a court scenerio

lawyer - sardarji geeta te hath laga kar kaho ke
sardarji - yeh kya, sita pe haath lagaya to court me bulaya. ab fir geeta pe haaath.


sardarji standing naked infront of the mirror.. tells his wife,, if i had two more inches, i would be king... sardarni ji.. says.. if u had two inches less.. u would be a queen..


an englishman was invited to sardarji's house.. during the dinner, they were surving yogurt.. out of curiousity, englishman asks.. how that was prepared.. sardarji says " milk sleeping in night, in morning becomes tight"

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Ayi :) said...

can you explain to me what is a sardarji?