Sunday, May 08, 2005


Well, what do you think? Am the most psycho person in this world? Who knows? So, I was once quoted as the most psycho person she knows by my cousin. That is not a good thing to be happy with.

Actually I AM a bit psycho. I drool alot in my imaginative world, stay there most of the time. This real world is somewhat surreal to me. I am in this world only when I am working. Most of the time, I am drifting in my imaginations. So thats how I am.

I am not good looking, I am an average Nepali fellow. I am quite simple. People don't recognize me at once and I like that way. I want to be that way always. But I have got drreams.

Hell, the more I talk about myself the more I become psycho. There is no joke today. But you have one.

Do you know the biggest joke in this world?
The answer is : ME.

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