Friday, November 22, 2013

my turn to spread the light

My turn to spread the light..
Took during Dipankha Yatra.

Dipankha Yatra (Devanagari: दिपंखा यात्रा) (also spelt Deepankha Yatra, Dipankar Yatra) is a pious journey that takes place around the heart of Nepal "The Kathmandu Valley". Devotees walk through the journey barefooted to 131 religious destinations within 2 days.[1] The occurrance of the Yatra (Travel)is decided by the astrological calender. Dipankha Yatra is mostly celebrated by Buddhist as well as Hindu Newars of valley, the followers are guided by Gurjus of Newar community. It takes place only when the following five events fall on the same day:
1. Sauryamas Sankranti (First day in solar calendar)
2. Chandramas Purnima (Full moon)
3. Rewati Nachetra (An astrological event)
4. Harshan Yog (An astrological event)
5. Chandra Graham (Lunar Eclipse)
Src: Wikipedia

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