Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maoists to abstain from voting on budget

A monkey never makes his/her own house neither allows other to make their house. This is what maoists of Nepal are proving themselves to be. They are protesting the budget prepared by the govt. of which they are also the part.


Maoists to abstain from voting on budget

The CPN-Maoists have decided to refrain from the voting on the budget presented by the government of which it is a part. Analyzing that the coalition government of which the party is an important constituent ‘may fail if it votes against the budget’, the Maoists will ‘facilitate’ in ratifying it by abstaining from voting on the budget.

Chief Whip of the CPN-Maoist Dinanath Sharma had by calling a press meet Tuesday made public the party’s 16-point objection on the budget. “The budget is not in tune with the spirit of the people’s war and the people’s movement,” he said.

The coalition partners have expressed dissatisfaction over this decision of the Maoists and have termed it a dualistic nature of the Maoists. ag July 18 07

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