Monday, March 12, 2007

Another good joke

Recently, here in the city, a leading (business) magazine organized top business men awards ceremony. One category focused on Best CEOs, which award, three people won. One of them is Sashin Joshi, he has gotten that award many times. He is a well known personality in management field here in Nepal. Many aspiring youths look up to him.

Here is his comment after he received the award:
"Feels great. I wonder if our political leaders like Girija and Prachanda will ever be able to grab this award."

This is another good joke in my political jokes series, and a satire to our political leaders, who don't have any vision, but just keep mumbling some bullshit words.

Nepal would definitely will be a good place to live and work if people like Sashin Joshi run the government.


Anonymous said...

A good technocrat or administrator may not always be a good politician. Do you remember Gyane's gang of "clean personalities"? The government had influential and respected figures like Devkota, Gyawali etc, remember how did they end up?

sushil said...

Dear Anonymous,
I do agree with you, but the figures selected by 'Gyane' were themselves tainted.

Check China for example. The head of the state is an engineer, and the country is flourishing under his leadership, it is the second biggest economy!