Monday, February 05, 2007

Shortlived peace????

As it is known that the whole country (Nepal) is facing acute shortage of fuel. This is mostly due to the ongoing strike in the eastern terai region of the country. The riots and curfews imposed on the cities are the major hubs of inter-country transport. Since there is no traffic in those cities due to curfew and riots, hence the shortage. Another reason is that Nepal Oil Corporation has quite a huge amount to pay to Indian Oil Corporation. Since the due is quite big, the latter has refused to give oil to the former. Right now, am not concerned about the latter reason. Since it is persisting one, I don't think I need to talk about it here.

Am particularly concerned about the first reason here. To speak the truth, I am aware of the riots in the eastern terai region but don't know what the agitating factions are demanding. I am lately hearing lots of words like ethnic groups, pahadis, madheshi etc and these words do nothing but make me laugh. People are searching for their ethnic or regional identity amidst the looming political cloud. But what they have forgotten is that their identity as a wholesome, their identity as a Nepali. I am deeply concerned this. As I can put it in my own words, the ongoing struggles and agitations will lead to national identity crisis. Whilst people are fighting for their ethnic or regional identity, they are forgetting their national identity.

Typically speaking, when we go abroad or some foreigner meets us, they first know us as a Nepali, not as a madhesi or a rai, a limbu, a newar or bahun. They later come to know about our caste systems and our ethnic identities when they get along with us or spend more time with us. Then, as I have seen many times, they are deeply moved by our culture and warmth and the strong bondage in relationship.

With the ongoing riots and agitation, I see this bond breaking. People have forgotten who they are at first - a Nepali. People here in the country has lost the sense or feeling of nationality. They don't love their country anymore. They don't love their land, they don't love their family.

With the peace pact signed between PM Girija Prasad Koirala (Girja) and Prachanda, it is said that peace has finally prevailed in our country. But I don't see peace anywhere. Its Prachanda and his group of bandits (the Maoists) that have sowed the seed of ethnic freedom in the ethnic groups of the country. Madheshi Mukti Morcha (Madheshi Freedom Group), Limbuwan Mukti Morcha (Limbuwan Freedom Group) etc are the factions that Prachanda and his rioting troublemakers created in the past to put pressure in the government. Now they entangled by the tree that grew from the seed they sow to win their war. What goes round, comes around. Thats what happening with the Maoists.

They are now sharing power with SPA (Seven Party Alliance). Together, they make SPAM (Seven Party Alliance and Maoists). This is some kind of joke. Those who use emails or internet definitely get irritated with this word SPAM. I am definitely irritated by SPAM, the alliance one. It is like a custom of our Nepali politicians. When they reach in power, they forget everything. They don't forget one thing - to do immense corruption, dismantle the national budget and accumulate property on their names. So, I don't think the country is getting anywhere with these people as members of parliaments.

I once read an article by Capt. Bijay Lama. He is a pilot and a well known actor in Nepal. He once attended a Tamang Seminar. He got bored with topics like Tamang freedom or something like that. He stressed on national unity. He focused on not his ethnic identity, but the national one. He wants to be known as a Nepali, not as a tamang. And so do I. I want to be known as a Nepali, and Newar later. His article was quite an inspiration for me. He has ideas similar to mine. I put him in a different intellect group in which the politicos do not belong. He wants to unite and have a single identity and so do I.

I had to stay in line for 4 hours to fill petrol in my motorbike. I happened to have an interesting conversation with one of the army guards there. He said he had to do 24 hr duty sometimes. I, pointing to the 10 yr war with maoists, said, its now over. But he said, no its not, peace will not come to the country. Its just an illusion. There is unrest in terai and its just a matter of days that the army will be deployed there. Then the soldiers will again have to do 24 hr duty. I could see certainty in his eyes. I didn't doubt that. I also think the same. It is bound to happen anytime soon.

So, where is peace in Nepal after signing the peace treaty? Have the cadres of Maoists stopped carrying arms around places? Have they stopped their extortion drives? Actually speaking, its maoists who are responsible for the unrest. They are responsible for 16 deaths and the factions created all over the country. They will now have to find a solution to unite the country again.

I, as a Nepali, want to stand and be known as a Nepali wherever I go, whatever I do. I belong to this country and every inch of this country belongs to me. I am entitled to every inch of this country. No one can stop me from calling myself a Nepali. I don't know the words Newar, Limbu, Pahadi or Madhesi. All I want to hear is that everybody should say "I am a Nepali."

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Anonymous said...

hi just read ur article, i think in todays date thinking of ones nation is the least priority given, we all are busy only trying to make our life more better here in we i mostly mean the learnt and while the others not so learned r lost and have no thoughts of their own they are blind herds trying to follow there masters/guru/leaders/ and this so called leaders r using them for there political mileage ...
So i think if one needs to make any changes at all one need to get in to this muc/ or dirty game of politics which i am sure even u wont be interested in, also being dreamer and implementing one is a far far of story. As we r too busy doing thing for us that we to forget our nationalities and do things only for our selves,