Thursday, May 11, 2006

I will get my vengence

Some people, even if they are older and more experienced than me, have forgotten by their ignorance or by their pride, have forgotten that I am superior than them. They have taken me for granted and have tried to hurt me, my dignity and the self within me. They don't know what they are doing. They are consumed too much in their pride and artificial achievement of self.

Its not their time yet, to know me, what I really am and what I am really made of. I will make them feel that. They will learn it the hard way. When they will finally understand the meaning of me, they will be so much consumed in guilt that they won't find a single piece of string to cover their face.

I know how I will get my revenge. It will be the softest blow and the impact, the complete destruction of their self. They will get on their four claws to beg mercy from me, for I am the ultra MAN, I know the meaning of "I", I am the one and I am the ultimate truth, the truth which they have forgotten in the mid roads. They will dispise all the things they have thought they have achieved in the years they have existed so far. They will dispise their entire existence on this world. They will take themselves as the burden of this earth.

When they know this, they will cry for freedom from the guilt. They will beg to me to release them from that guilt.

That, is their ultimate punishment. They will never know what touched them. The result they see will be complete devastation of themselves.

I will stand amidst of them, their lifeless bodies deprived of the soul that keeps a human moving on.

Yes, I will get there, not today, not tomorrow, but some day soon. They will bow in front of me and call me the Ultimate.

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