Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Back from vacation, back to work and city life

So here I am back again, after 5 days of vacation, wrapping up somethings back at home and also trying to wind up somethings here in KTM as well.

I have got many things running in my mind, some good and some bad. Some sick feelings are also there. Maybe I am just too tired today. I should call a day off now. Felt like writing something so, here I am again.

Back in home, I felt many changes. Personally, I felt many changes there. I am happy with some changes around and sad with some. I am considered as the youngest of the brothers in the family. So, everybody thinks I am still young. This time around, I felt many changes. People's thinking towards me had changed. And I felt like a man.

My older cousins treated me properly this time around. I do respect them all and I love them cuz they are the one who will help me when I am down. They are the one who will suggest me in every aspect of my life. Gaining their respect (love) is quite important to me.

Personally speaking, I am a very proud person. I value my self pride/esteem very much. I think with the things that happened in the last few months, I gained some respect from them. And I sure did some good stuff to increase it more.

Since my elder brother is far away from home and dad is also sick, it seems like I am the man of the house now. So it has become much more important to me to preserve my pride and gain others respect. That is what I always go for. That killer instinct is what I always crave for.

Well now, I have been named as quite a drunkard by my brothers now. I enjoy it. They are boasting me, I know that but I like being centre of attraction. With everyday I spend with them, they get to know more of me - I still haven't revealed my darker side to them.

They know I am the hardest one of all the brothers - they are aware of that.

Well, thats the bad stuff. Well, I found one cool pic in one of the sites. Its http://www.sexylosers.com. I don't think everybody will like it. I find its cool and very much satarical. I enjoy it. Here is a pic from that site. Its quite cool I think.

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